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Trigger points are tiny knots that develop in a muscle when it is injured or overworked. Commonly a cause of most joint pain, they are known to cause headaches, neck and jaw pain, low back pain, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Where people give beta on climbs they have personally done all around the world, including maps, and photos, and route descriptions.
Whatever your climbing discipline or ability level, is a website with information on equipment, clothes, routes, and techniques including bouldering, indoor, ice, and traditional climbing. Browse thousands of pictures, videos, and route information, or join the discussion on the forums.
Mental Training for climbers.
Climbing info on a growing selection of mountains built by its members.
Find climbing partners world-wide for indoor and outdoor rock climbing.
The home of New England climbing, web cams, forums, route database…
Route descriptions, mpas, etc.
Ice climbing website coverign the northeastern United States.
Route descriptions, lost and found, you name it, it is there about the northeast’s oldest climbing area.
For over 25 years, the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) has been dedicated to supporting the guiding community through excellence in education, standards and certification to enhance the quality of services provided to the public, while serving as a resource for accessing and protecting the natural environment. They offer a series of training courses and exams designed to certify guides and climbing instructors to the highly respected, internationally recognized, standards of the AMGA. Also helpful to find a guide.